So, there was this weird post on an Amanda Bynes article on the Gawker MP:

This sent me down an internet rabbit hole, for I had no idea this was A Thing. Apparently, every famous actress or singer that has done sexy is a sex slave programmed by Monarch programming to be a sex slave.

OK, I can't even list all the things wrong/crazy about all of this. Please please go to that Hollywood Subliminals link and scroll down- they have a whole gallery of famous people wearing animal print as proof they are all mind controlled puppets. So, like, everyone who has ever worn an animal print clothing item ever has been brainwashed? It's not that leopard print looks cool, it's obviously ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY! It doesn't occur to them that our fucked up, patriarchial, bass-ackwards society might have something to do with the way women are socialized and the way sexuality is expressed? NAH MUST BE CIA MIND CONTROL.


There is something very creepy about all of these conpiracy theories. I'm too sick and fuzzy headed to really articulate it, so I'm hoping someone here can help me. It's just- why does there need to be a conspiracy around Maryln Monroe's death? Why can't she just be fucked up from LIFE AS A WOMAN in the entertainment industry who was addicted to prescription drugs? Why is that so hard for them to fathom? Or that "sexy kitten" is like a A Thing that doesn't need a conspiracy behind it in order for Katy Perry to base 75% of her image on dressing like a sexy kitten? It may not mean she's a mind controlled slave- she may just be kinda unoriginal? Does this mean the whole sexy Halloween costume thing is really an Illuminati conspiracy? Because I like animal prints, am I a programmed SEX SLAVE? If I'm a sex slave, why aren't I getting more sex? I DEMAND MORE SEX AS A SEX SLAVE, DAMMIT.