Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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It is the first Monday of the semester.

I have a student named after a classic eighties rocker.

My first class starts in two hours, but I have been here for two already. I still had to park two miles away. It was a long, heavy walk and I am still sweaty.

My officemate does not appear to be here, but like bad smells and annoying rashes, I know she will turn up sometime and ask me to leave. Both of our names are on the door but it is still her office. She doesn't teach today but that won't stop her.

Guys, I have an audition tonight and I'm freaking out, and I slept all of three hours last night because my friends have unfortunate personal problems that make me livid, my dress pants don't fit anymore (fat!) and now I have blisters from my not-so-sensible work shoes.

Let's not even mention the literal dead body in my silly, cheer-me-up gif search. Beheadings: it's too early in the semester for this sh*t.

Cute gifs. Amusing, FuckItFriday style anecdotes. No calorie cookies. A puppy. Gimme what you got. I need it. (watch out for dead body gifs)


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