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Monday Afternoon FMK to Lighten the Mood: Guitar Guys

Well, as usual, I'm behind on all the news in the world of GT and elsewhere.

So I feel it's time to reprise everyone's favorite game, with a new group of lucky gentlemen for you to choose from! This one goes out to my darling boyfriend, to whom I originally posited this conundrum. It resulted in much emotional gnashing, as he has an aversion to each of these kindly guitar-toting crooners.

First up! The guy who named his band after himself, and notable famous Seattleite, Dave Matthews! My boyfriend accuses him of being a "cheek singer" (what.) and apparently this is a bad thing.


Next up, we have the young Brett Dennen, who came up in conversation as, "another guy I don't like who is a damn cheek-singer!"

And finally, thrown in just to piss the boyfriend off and really make the decision hard for him, another jam musician who I believe he dislikes chiefly due to the mild sexytime feelings I harbor for him (though unlike the others, he is not a cheek singer,) Jason Mraz!


(His long hair upsets me, so I'm using this old-ish pic instead.)

SO, Groupthink, what's it gonna be? Who's the luckiest, and the unluckiest, guitar-guy?

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