Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Monday afternoon whining

What’s got you down today, GT?

Here’s my massive whine of the day: I still have to carry Buster up and down the stairs because of his spinal issues, and last night when I was taking him out for a walk I tripped 2 or 3 stairs from the bottom and fell the rest of the way down into a bush. Buster is fine, thank god, but I twisted the hell out of my ankle, and my hip and upper thigh look like I was beaten with heavy sticks.


Thankfully it’s not bad enough to need crutches — I don’t know what the hell I’d do in that situation, since I live on the 2nd floor and it isn’t handicapped accessible, and there’s no way I could walk the dogs on crutches even if I was on the first floor. Equally thankfully, I was able to work from home today, and will be able to work from home for the next few days.

But I’m still hobbling about painfully, and it’s miserable. Walking the dogs was a nightmare this morning, even though they were both very obliging and pooped much more quickly than usual. Also my 2nd to last mindfulness class is tonight, and I have to miss it now. Blech. Blech, I say!

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