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Monday Gratitudes

Not going to lie y’all, I’m definitely feeling Monday-ish this morning and having a hard time getting myself into gratitude mode. But that’s when you’re supposed to do it the most, right? So I’m going to focus on sending love to all of you and work on feeling grateful.

I am grateful for rainy weather - I find it so peaceful and soothing. I am grateful for my home, which is a lovely place to be, and I am grateful for the earth, which grows so many beautiful things. I am grateful I had a little more energy this weekend and got some things done. I am grateful for non hormonal birth control so that I can be done with the pill.

I am grateful for my older sister, who has been a patient and kind listener to me the past several weeks, and maybe it’s because she’s a mom of teen girls but she doesn’t blink when I’m being particularly EXTRA about things. I am grateful for my younger sister, who is going through tough times and I can see her working so hard to share and not clam up and it’s helping bring us together - SO grateful for that work she is doing. I am grateful for my friends who I know are going through their own stress as I am going through mine, and I can feel us being.... annoyed but understanding together. I am grateful for the thrift store down the street where I can get clothes for cheap. I am grateful for my coworkers who are as a group, nice and reliable people, and especially grateful for those I can kvetch with.


As always, Im grateful for GT, who a few months ago with HoneyHeart inspired me that the time was right to start meditating, which I’ve wanted/needed to do for many years and hadn’t - this weekend I hit two months straight of meditating every day, so I’m grateful to myself for putting that time and dedication in. I am grateful for the open and reasonable ears of this community, especially on a Monday morning.

What are you grateful for, GT?

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