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I burned my left hand pretty badly last night when I picked up a pan and the handle was super hot (it’s a pan my mom gave me for xmas - and it was over $100, shouldn’t it have a perpetually cool handle for that cost?)! I put it under water immediately, iced it till my roommate got home and then used some aloe she had. It was mostly okay till I tried to go to sleep - and then it was throbbing and I couldn’t sleep. I then hunted around for something else to put on it and found that I had neosporin. That worked and cut the pain and let me sleep.

I’m really hoping she takes pity on me and takes out the recycling since she piled stuff on top of the container instead of taking it out (it’s not my job to take out the recycling - but she never does it).

It is my left hand - I had no idea I used my left hand as much as I do!

My new bike might arrive today - I am so excited, but am hesitant to do anything that would make it so that I can’t heard the doorbell (like shower!). I don’t want to miss the delivery!!!


I’m giving a talk for the PhD students tomorrow and spent 9 hours yesterday making my powerpoint (totally lost track of time). I’m having a lot of fun trying to think of what PhD students in this field would want to know from someone with my background and expertise. I did a guest lecture for the first years last week and got some ideas from them as to what would be helpful. One of the deans sometimes comes to these talks, and I am hoping if she comes she sees my unique expertise as being useful to our college (even though they’ve already expressed interest in keeping me on as faculty, I still feel a press to prove my utility).

I’ve inserted clips from multiple videos into the powerpoint - one of them is the video of “My shot” from Hamilton when the cast performed at the Obama White House. While I was watching it yesterday, I started sobbing. That was just 2 years ago that we had a White House that valued the arts, that valued diversity, that charmingly bopped along to really good music, and that made us all proud of how it reflected the best of us.

Is anyone watching Killing Eve? I haven’t seen last night’s ep yet - but I am really liking it.

Tell me what’s going on in your lives.

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