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Monday Monday OT

Manhattan from Brooklyn

It is freezing here. I am working from home but am too cold to work at my desk, so am under the covers with my heated blanket!

I had a great weekend - went to Brooklyn for smorgasburg on Sat and then to a Basquiat exhibit yesterday. We also went to Stonewall for drinks - which was also fun!


Conversation with my roommate that shows just how different our interpersonal styles are:

Me: I will be needing to start advertising your room soon. When you can, could you let me know when I could take pictures of it and when you would be okay with me showing it? There’s no huge rush- you can think about it and get back to me.

Roomie: I cleaned my room. Please take pictures today - I can’t keep it this organized after today. When you show my room, make sure you are there too.

It’s a bummer bc I had totally planned to just hide a key under the mat and tell prospective renters to let themselves in and take a look. JK.


I start an academic job bootcamp this week - yikes! I will most likely be on the job market this fall. It’s just terrifying.

So, how are you? How was your weekend? What’s on the docket for you this week?

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