Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

.Super pumped to go fake a smile and drum up school spirit for a place that doesn’t want me and let me know in the shittiest way possible!

Only 36 more days of this!

On Thursday I skipped a PD on staff morale and school climate! The vice principal said she was looking for me because she wanted to hear my input.



This is like being dumped, they didn’t tell you why, but you still have to go on nearly 40 more dates with them, but they also control your income and future dating prospects.

I am getting a lot of support from my co-workers, and I found out it also happened to another non-tenured teacher. They’re keeping the two non-tenured men and booting the two non-tenured women. I ran into the school secretary and she thinks this shit is for budgetary reasons. She is resigning

I will die happy if I never get to hear another white man say someone is “not a good fit” for something.

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