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Monday Morning Gratitude

.... sometimes I feel like that title is an oxymoron haha. But I’m grateful it’s another Monday and the sun came up and we are all here together! What are you grateful for this week, GT? (as always, feel free to ALSO complain all you want as long as you make sure to include what you are grateful for).

I am grateful for friends who are trying, even though I know they’re going through similar rough things (it’s rough when both you and your friend are mildly depressed). I’m grateful for new chances (I see a new GP on Wednesday - like Charlie Brown with that football, I’m going to believe this one is going to work!). I’m grateful my coworker is feeling better after surgery - both because she is a nice person and I want her to feel good, and because it means I don’t have to cover her travel. I am grateful for deep breaths. I am grateful for a small break in the weather this last week which helped so much! And I’m grateful that I was able to take a day and just be lazy when I felt very off this weekend, and that I had that space my life to do so.

Tell me all your things, GT.... as always, I am grateful for you guys and this corner of the internet full of caring and understanding people who are always willing to share and educate me. 

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