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What are you grateful for today, and this week, GT? Think of it as a.... themed OT. You can also complain as much as you want AS LONG AS YOU INCLUDE A GRATITUDE haha.

Inspired by HoneyHeart and the meditation challenge we did a few months ago on GT, I’ve been working on meditating daily and one of the biggest things I’ve taken away from it is the idea of gratitude practice and how focusing on gratitude and the things you’re thankful for and appreciate is actually the biggest correlate to happiness/mental health. It never really clicked to me before outside of the general “think positive!” “be optimistic” crap that we are taught, but actual gratitude is very concrete thoughts you can have and I’ve noticed a big difference in the way my brain reacts to stuff that has helped a lot - when my car window was broken this week I went oh crap, and then my brain reflexively started to go, at least it wasn’t the body. at least you have a good car glass person you can call, at least you have a friend to call who can take you to where you need to go how and I felt calm and peaceful about the whole thing (I mean, you know, more so than one would expect lol).

So I am trying to do it more, and start the week off with thinking a lot about it because when do we need it more than Monday mornings?


So what are you grateful for, GT? What things are you thankful for today, in this moment, and in general?

(articles on gratitude practice for anyone who wants to pubmed it!)

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