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Monday Morning Grumps

Please place your grumpiness here, over big or little things.

I am grumpy because I am hormonal, and then extra grumpy because it looks like I will now have my period during Mardi Gras and balls.

I am also grumpy because I HATE those mocking videos where some guy pretends to be a girl and makes fun of how makeup videos on YouTube always go. I get why they’re funny but also, fuck you guys for mocking something that women do that you don’t usually understand that you more or less got us started on. Men dressing as women to mock them isn’t cute.


I am ALSO GRUMPY because my coworker who is wonderful and amazing is leaving and my other worker who was also amazing at their job just left a month ago and now I’m left with half a department and the worst half. This is bad enough on it’s own, but I was given a lot of new, non-my-department responsibilities at the beginning of the year and was supposed to be stepping back from day to day stuff in my department and that was already put on hold when coworker 1 left and now it is exponentially harder with coworker 2 leaving.

BUT I STILL HAVE ALL THE NEW RESPONSIBILITIES NOW and not only am I not able to step back, I have triple the work in my department and I’m getting a lot of shit for falling behind on them from the other department I work with now because I literally don’t have time in the day to do them all. This is the first time in professional life that I’ve been behind like this and there is no end in sight (it will actually get worse before it gets better since I’ll have to train their replacements).


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