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This is long, but worth it - a very insightful take on the current generation of young white men who are supporting the far right.

It’s well written, full of interesting thoughts and ideas, and chockful of great quotes and points:

In regards to Yiannopoulos:

I have never in my life seen someone so obviously and emphatically asking for a smack in the mouth, and the only reason he doesn’t deserve it is that he wants it too much.


Gee, these guys sound familar

The team is mostly composed of young men. Extremely young men. The sort of young men who are very brave behind a computer screen and like to think of themselves as stalwart fighters for the all-American right to say whatever disgusting thing they please, but who are absolutely unequipped to deal with any suggestion of real-world consequences ...

All of the people on Yiannopoulos’ tour are over 18 and legally responsible for their actions. They are also young, terribly young, young in a way that only privileged young men really get to be young in America, where your race, sex, and class determine whether and if you ever get to be a stupid kid, or a kid at all.

There are so, so many more excellent quotes and thoughts and analogies in this (I enjoyed near the end her discussion of the pain/background that the young supporters have, and how that causes them to turn around and be willing to inflict pain on others), and I strongly suggest you read it! And please share your thoughts here :)

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