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Monday Morning OT

Or for many of you, Monday Afternoon OT!

TW: TMI Vomit and Gross Stuff

This weekend I had high hopes of gardening, biking, and going to our town’s Dandelion Day parade and marching as a penguin in the parade of species. Instead, I woke up Saturday morning with intestinal distress, then puked twice before the parade. Feeling better, we decided to go anyway. I did not participate in the parade, as I didn’t want to be that person who puked on someone’s kid or shit my pants during the parade, but we did watch. It was sweet, short, and feminine-empowering in a way. We browsed some booths, and then the sick feelings hit again and I told BoyPenguin we had to go home NOW.


Saturday, I ended up setting a new personal record for most times puked in a single day. Once the solid food was gone, I was drinking gatorade stuff, tea, and eating popsicles. The great thing is, popsicles taste the same coming up as they do going down, so that was a big win on vomit front.

I managed to eat a tiny bit on Mother’s Day, taking mom out to brunch, but couched it for the rest of the day. I was exhausted.

So...now I have tons of work to catch up on that I wasn’t able to get done this weekend.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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