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I have several things to say this Monday morning.

1) So, this weekend I wake up at 2 am to a strange noise and a light. I got out of bed, yelled “What the Hell is going on?!?!”....to a very scared, slightly drunk girl that realized she had not just entered her best friend’s house, but rather mine. Terrifying in the moment, hilarious now.

I live in a pretty rural neighborhood, so I don’t lock my door when I’m home. It was a reminder that maybe I should (but I probably won’t).


2) Yesterday I did almost nothing, and it was amazing! I had cleaned my apartment on Friday, so there were no big messes stressing me out and it was cold and rainy. So, I spent I watched a couple movies, got tea with a friend, and relaxed. My movie theme accidentally was “someone is supposed to get married, but doesn’t. But, their wedding doesn’t go to waste” (Princess Diaries 2 and Mama Mia).

3) I have a date tonight with The Minister. My insecurity wants to try to bring up exclusivity (though not necessarily a relationship yet). But, I also know that I should just see where it goes. But, I’m used to the “one date, then together for the next 3 years”, not “3 dates, and I really like you, but let’s see where this goes”. Definitely bringing up exclusivity before I sleep with him though; I can date him knowing he is dating other people, even if it is driving me a little crazy. I can’t have sex with him knowing that though.

4) I have 4 days straight of meeting with people, mostly over the phone. Then, off to New Mexico for the Balloon Fiesta!

So, how was your weekend? Any good/bad plans for the week?

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