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Monday Night Brain Dump

Between the first week of school, sick kids, a Star Wars Saga RPG session, a baseball game, and a garage sale that didn't happen, it's been a bit of a crazy week. But if I don't write this, I'll go crazy-er.

1. Preparing for a garage sale sucks. Sorting through stuffed animals in front of my hoarding MIL really sucks. "That one is going in the dump pile?" "None of them are going in the dump pile. PhMom is going to sort through them, and any others are getting sold." "But that would be perfect for PhBabyGirl!" "Yes, and so would additional space in the house."

2. Actual conversation with my 3-year-old: "Daddy, what do you have." "I don't know. I have a lot of things: a Ph.D., two silly boys, a cup of coffee..." "You have one silly boy." "So you're saying Little Brother isn't silly." "Little Brother is silly!" "So you're not silly?" "No, I amn't."


4. I suffer from acafepoculumnesia, a condition characterized by the inability to remember where my coffee cup is once I set it down. I need a GPS locator on my coffee cup that I can access with my phone, assuming I can find my phone...

5. Have you ever tried to grade while listening to headphones blocking out the episode of Game of Thrones being watched? We have to binge watch it, because we lose it tonight, I think. I don't think we'll make it, and I have to be up at 6 anyway.

6. It's also kind of awkward to watch a show with this much naked in a room with my Mother in Law.

7. College football is starting up again. I had a stupid argument about the financial aspects of College Sports with a guy in my Sunday School class, and it was frustrating, because it felt like I could never get my footing. One of those arguments. I'm staying on the Johnny Football bandwagon for as long as it takes for him to absolutely destroy some traditional SEC powerhouse, then I'm jumping right the fuck off. Seriously, fuck that overpriveledged little twerp.


8. Here's what I want for a vacation: a day where I don't have to get out of bed. But the place the wife and I like to go is the Embassy Suites, and there's no point going there if you don't get up at least early enough to get the complimentary breakfast. That, and the free drinks at the manager's reception.

9. I'm glad I got to go to the ball game yesterday, but it was hot as fuck, and the wrong team lost. I'll be glad when it isn't summer anymore and we have our two week beautiful autumn before the cold, miserable winter.

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