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Monday Night Brain Dump

Weird week last week. Just weird all around. Now I need to de-brain a bit along side my MNF (Stupid Houston! Suck less!) and cheap-ass Cabernet. Here are nine things.

1. My wife just said, "After he pulls out one of my Deltas, he says 'I found a triangle!'" And the scary thing is, I understand exactly what she means.


2. We had our BIG GARAGE SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO on Saturday, and boy howdy was it a bust. I think we made 14 dollars, 10 of that in the first hour off of the professional garage-salers. Mostly, I just sat out in the brutal heat and played on my phone, all the time thinking, well, maybe we'll get some customers. Maybe we'll get some customers next week, when we try again.

3. I made my own granola tonight, and it actually turned out really good. Easy to make, too, and the only thing I had to buy to make it was the oats.

4. These fucking discount double check commercials have gotten somehow more annoying. I almost hope the Rangers don't make the playoffs so that I'm not afflicted by them.

5. Of course, if the Rangers do make the playoffs, I at least don't have to worry about commentary from A.J. Prejackass, since he allegedly plays for the Rangers now.


6. My oldest dateable memory: I am sitting with my family in the restaurant at Big Bend National Park for my dad's birthday, on 8/2/84, when it is announced that there has been a fatal mountain lion attack.

7. Here is an anecdote that says everything you need to know about my relationship with my mother: When we announced we were having a girl, I told my mom the name we had picked. We've had it picked for almost several years, before we even had the idea of kids. Like the boys' names, it is taken from family names. I told her the name and its history. Her response: "So they're both form PhMom's side of the family."


8. It rained last Monday, but all that did was stir up some ragweed or something. Everyone in the PhHouse is coughing, sneezing, and sniffling. PhMom says she'd better be over it before the baby comes, since she can't cough while recovering from a C-Section. Ragweed is one of those things that makes me doubt the existence of a just and loving Creator, unless this Creator happens to love Ragweed a whole lot.


9. I realize this opens me to accusations of hipster-being, but I've been paying an awful lot of attention to my mustache lately. If it's wrong to love my mustache this much, I don't want to be right.

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