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Monday Night Brain Dump

It's Monday Night and I'm not surrounded by screaming kids, and I'm not piled under a ton of stuff I need to grade (well, I am, but I've got a good chunk of afternoon I can devote to that tomorrow) so the brain dump will commence after this important message from Dizzy Gillespie and a crazy congas-playing Cuban:

1. So, there's a new member of the PhDad family. She was 6 lbs, 9 oz; 18 inches at birth. That's tiny compared to both of the boys. She also has a full head of brown hair. She looks exactly like this baby:


2. Here's how bad the sleep deprivation was the first few days: on night two home from the hospital, I was singing softly to Baby Girl. At this point, my wife asks "Why are you singing?" I look up: I'm in bed, and she is nursing our daughter.

3. This kind of sleep deprivation is a biological imperative: it damages your memory of how bad it is. If anyone actually remembered how stressful the first few weeks are, no one would ever have more than one kid.

4. Trigger Warning: Poop

Last year, when the current middle child was still nursing, I noticed something while changing him. Eventually, I had to confirm that I wasn't insane (at least not about this particular thing). So, I asked my wife, "Have you noticed that his dirty diapers... um... smell like buttered popcorn?" An incredible expression of recognition lit up her face. "That's what that smell is!" she said. We researched this a bit; apparently it is not uncommon.


5. I promise this won't be all about babies. But this one is: this girl already has a shit-ton of bows. I see a lot of bows in my future.

6. I just finished re-listening to Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates. It is a great, great work of amateur history, and it made me fall in love with Roger Williams all over again. I might just check out Unfamiliar Fishes, which tells the history of Hawaii, after I finish my current book.


7. Does anyone on here do private tutoring? If so, what is the going rate, and would it be stupid to advertise on Craigslist?

8. You know what I'm behind on? TV. We have some Season 3 of GoT on the DVR that we need to watch soon; I'm pretty sure they'll vanish when I have to drop HBO so I don't have to pay for it. Also, I've been recording SHIELD but have not watched a single episode.


9. I've discovered one of my mental death-spirals: the Stress/Distraction feedback loop. When I get stressed, I become easily distracted. When I get distracted, I get behind on things I need to do. When I get behind on things I need to do (I bet you can see where this is going) I get stressed.

Lather, rinse, repeat. This deserves a fuller write up, which I will do if I don't get distracted...


Ah, who'm I kidding? You guys are my distraction right now. And you're the best distraction I've had in a while.

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