Well, not really finished with grading. But close! All I have left are a couple of stray assignments. I'm amazed with myself for getting done early: I deserve a drink! But I don't have any booze in the house except for a very old bottle of Champagne. Not like, good old: like, "when the hell did we get this?" old.

1. On Wednesday, I turn 141 Mercury years. Happy birthday to me. I'm going to a bar downtown where I almost always go for my birthdays, ever since I was .085 Pluto years.

2. Crap, it's Monday night. I need to take the garbage cans down to the street.

3. Conversation at the dinner table the other night:

Me: I guess we would call oil "rock juice"

Wife: Shouldn't it be called "dinosaur juice"?

Me: Well, it's not really formed from dinosaurs but from biomass

Wife: I can't believe your passing up a chance to call something "dinosaur juice"

4. In another conversation, I was talking about the unfairness of the name "Killer Whale." It's not more a killer than any other predator: they don't call Lions "Killer Felines." I went on to mention that starfish are voracious predators, and should therefore be called "Death Stars." I'll be putting that name into the Taxonomy Committee's suggestion box soon.

5. I've been having incredibly vivid dreams lately; I think it's the Mirtazapine. What's more, I'm finding myself remembering bits and pieces of dreams from months ago. Which leads me to wonder, are these really dreams from a long time ago, or did I just dream that I dreamed those?


6. The best explicitly Christian Christmas carol just has to be "Silent Night," right?

7. Has anyone played the new Star Wars tabletop RPG? I've played a couple of adventures on it in the last couple of months. I like the system, but they make you use their proprietary dice, those capitalist pig-dogs. I've spent years accumulating a Crown Royal bag full of polyhedrals and I'm not going to get rid of them to be some corporate tool. Maybe I'll just download the app.


8. Gradling 1 went a whole day without sitting in time out yesterday, and only once today. Maybe he's getting over the terrible threes. Yes, tomorrow he will wake up, pick a breakfast quickly, eat it without making a mess, take care of his dishes promptly and neatly, be nice to his brother, and pay attention to the grownups. I think this is pretty much going to happen.

9. I took Gradlings 2 and 3 to the doc today for their 18 month and 8 week checkups. Each had to get 4 shots. Gradling 3 got hers first and screamed bloody murder. That girl, she has some mighty powerful lungs on her. Gradling 2 didn't react at all through the first three. The fourth must have really got to him though: he actually let out one small whimper. Now if only he could be that calm when I'm trying to explain to him that he can't read his brother's new lift-the-flap Elmo book, because he has a bad habit of tearing the flaps off.