So, I know I have been vaguely chronicling my journey towards vegetarianism(starting with weekday vegetarianism) with the good folks at GT, but I forgot about the freezer chicken thighs I had set to thaw Saturday night for Sunday dinner. So now I have some ticking chicken time bombs vacuum sealed in the back fridge.(plus, this weekend was totally veg, with paneer jalfrezi on Saturday and peanut soup and bread last night) These guys need to get cooked up NOW So- Operation Monday Night Chicken is a go. I’ll be using the super crispy fried chicken recipe from Cook’s Country. because if you aren’t frying things up crazy crunchy the way Christopher Kimball and his merry band of PBS test cookers suggest- well I just don’t know what you are doing with your life. Instead of a honey hot sauce glaze, I’ll be doing a mango habanero style glaze, which will satisfy my spicy buffalo desire and serving it up with some super simple one step french fries. Yum! I’m excited because this will be the first “junk food” (ie: fried, not involving greens, and generally the sort of thing that Gwyneth Paltrow would look down on) we have had in weeks and I am just so stoked you guys. And heck, we have tornadoes and thunderstorms and lightening(very very frightening) happening in Georgia, so comfort food is on the menu tonight

Comfort food open thread! What are you cooking; what makes you feel good; how you living Groupthink?