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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Monday Open Thread

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How’s your Monday going? I feel a little like Andy Lincoln this morning because of a phone call from my MIL. The quick version is Pal has two older brothers. The middle one is great & we’re very close. The oldest one is racist & we are no contact because of that. He has a Confederate flag tattoo inside a skull & crossbones on his neck, just so you know how terrible he is.
Anyway, yesterday was his birthday & Pal’s mom called to let me know racist bro is sad because I didn’t wish him a happy birthday.


Lol. First, holy manipulation, Batman. She made this up—I haven’t seen him in 7 years since I had him arrested at nice brother’s wedding. (That’s a longer story.) Before that, the last time I saw him was at a holiday party Pal & I threw (he crashed it) where he called one of our friends the n word. So, when my MIL asked why I don’t speak to him, I explained this to her again. She knows but pretends she doesn’t because she hates confrontation. I reset my boundaries & she was upset. Pal is now upset too because, even though he backs me, no one likes it when their mom cries.

Ugh. I have no patience for this bullshit. Pal’s mom is nice & also in need of buckets of therapy. Thanks for letting me vent. I needed to get that out. Now, how’s your day so far? Has Monday shoveled you in the face too? I hope not! Let’s chat.

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