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Squeakers went home this week, one week early, because Baby Sister & my Big Brother-in-law flew to Ireland.

Irish Mommy in hospice, unexpectedly, and the news is slow & sad. If you pray, please pray for her. A tiny bird of a woman with a heart as big as the sun, who raised 8 of her own & 3 that needed her in addition to her own. I am her daughter in laws' sister, and we fell in love at first sight. She has always kept us close in thought & prayer. Keep her close in prayer if you're inclined to pray..thank you in advance...

Kinja is gonna Kinja, so just match the sentences with the peek~tures, okay? 5 Puptarts....


Bubbye, Snickets! Bye!

4 left..

Hello, Lola! (formarly Snickets) hello!


Bubbeye, Bunny, bye!!

Hello, Zoey!


You is goin' home, Little Charlie! Bye bye!


Oh, Hiii! Peep Bunny puppy...yay, wow!


Is that you, Frankie O'Malley? You are now Henry~in~Boots :)

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