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Monday Rant/OT

It’s been gale force winds and heavy rain here since Saturday night. (Still better than a blizzard for sure!)

But...at about 2:30 this morning the glass panel in my balcony door ripped off (fell off? broke off? had a fundamental disagreement with the door frame and decided to self-harm?). No fucking clue how really. The glass was fully intact and lying on the balcony but I wasn’t sure if it would fit back in, if it would stay in, and I figured no matter what I couldn’t do it myself in the dark, wind and rain. (for reference, the glass is about 15 x 60 inches with a plastic frame with nails and screws poking out everywhere).


I had a tarp in my apartment and some heavy duty tape and managed to tape off the door so the rain wasn’t just pouring in. Tarps do a shitty job at keeping wind out though. And I couldn’t sleep when every gust had the tarp flapping. The management company doesn’t have an emergency number (they barely have a regular number) so I left a message and waited for the guys to come in at 8 am. (And did a frantic emergency tidy-up so the super wouldn’t get all judgy).

8 am comes and goes. I go try to find the guys and can’t, get rained on, call the next level up who tell me they’ll get right back to me. Lol. Of course they don’t. Go out twice more to try and find someone, anyone who works for the building. No dice. Finally the super’s helper (whose shirt always reads Jose except that’s not his name) comes at 10:30. With a roll of duct tape.



(By the way, I was super clear on the phone that the entire panel had fallen out) He actually fits the panel back in and tries to tape it in place. Unsurprisingly, the tape does not stick. He finally screws a few boards to hold things in place until the door can be replaced.


Meanwhile my apartment is 60 degrees, I had to cancel my client for today, I have a puncture wound on my hand which left little splotches of blood on anything I touched before I realized I was bleeding (which was apparently everything), my shoes and jacket are soaked and I’m ready to commit murder.

Tl;dr fuck my life.

Happy goddamn Monday world.

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