1.) As an East Coaster, why are the Oscars not on a Saturday night? Come on Post-Oscar brunches would be a thing.

2.) So I thought I left my BC pill packet at the office on Friday, get here Monday and its not here. I carry it in my purse, because I find taking it mid-day to work best for me. Fingers crossed its in the car. I'm really hoping this doesn't eff up my cycle. I get my packs 3 months at a time, so over the weekend I took 2 pills from next months pack and figured I would just replace them. So I was supposed to have period week next week and be done in time for my cruise. Now I don't know what to do other than start the new pack, and skip my period and start the following pack. Does anyone think this warrants a call to the gyno? Also I've never lost a prescription before, again its just BC not like Vicodin or something people can sell, I shouldn't be in any kind of trouble right.

3.) The receptionist brought in Banana Bread. Om nom nom nom.