How is everyone’s Monday going? I am tired and cranky. There are many reasons to be tired and cranky, but I just wanted to share a tale of ridiculousness.

At a meeting on Friday, we discussed that that there needed to be a meeting with a set of people involved in a project (some, but not all, were at this Friday meeting). The person organizing than sends out an e-mail proposing a single time this week. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t work for all 5 people involved. So Organizer says she will send a Doodle poll.

Doodle poll goes out at 5:45 pm on Friday. The options are Monday-Wednesday, with a limited amount of slots—a third of which are Monday morning.

Monday morning rolls around...not everyone has even seen the poll until Monday, so Monday morning is OUT. But once 3 people have filled it out, it is clear that no slot works. Organizer asks everyone to go back to fill out the poll and be more flexible. Everyone who already responded explained that they have no more availability than what they indicated, but also suggests other times later in the week.

Organizer responds by insisting that everyone should go back to the original poll, and fill more options out for Tuesday/Wednesday.

No one fills any more options out, because we have no more availability than that what we indicated. And now we’re at a standstill, and it is unclear whether we are meeting tomorrow or Wed with 4/5 people, or will start from scratch with a poll including Thurs/Fri, or next week.