So I’m back at work after two weeks on vacation.

LadyK and KidK both woke up sick this morning.

My Jeep wouldn’t start, so I couldn’t get to my appointment for the estimate to repair the damage from where I got rear-ended right before vacation and I had to spend $40 on an Uber to get to work (because LadyK needs her car to get everyone to the doctor.)

My Uber driver couldn’t work Waze, so I had to navigate, but he wouldn’t take his headphones off so I kept having to screen directions at him!

I got to work 20 minutes late, I have 1600 emails in my inbox and the VERY FIRST THING I did when I sat down to get started working was to spill coffee on my brand new shirt.


And it’s raining.

So... how are you this morning? :D