-I'm being terrible at remembering my anti-anxiety medication, so now I'm all worked up again

-My mother is demanding to learn Pinterest and "Google Page". Pinterest will be easy enough. I'm assuming "Google Page" means Google+ which I don't use and I don't know anyone who does. Aren't they getting rid of Google +? She doesn't have a Facebook but is demanding to learn the Cousin Oliver of social media.

-She's also mad that I'm not blowing off work for a couple hours tomorrow to be around in case my brother wants to go out to dinner for his high school graduation. She hasn't spoken to him and doesn't know his plan nor has she made any type of plan or reservation. I'm supposed to leave work a couple hours early though. Uh no if I'm going to be a crappy employee it will be for my own stuff damn it.\

-Also when did they start letting babies graduate high school because I'M NOT OKAY WITH LITTLE BROTHERS GROWING UP

-I did my AMA yesterday and hope I gave some decent answers. Now to take my own advice and find a better job.


-Also companies that make you fill out massive online applications can burn in a fire.

-I'm meeting my old college roommate for dinner and I'm excited. We meet halfway which is still an hour drive for each of us so it's a rare treat. Then we talk for HOURS and I always end up getting home super late. Don't worry we tip like 25% -30% and the place is a diner so we're not keeping them open or hogging a table.