I feel a bit weird posting about this, because I am definitely not horribly off in terms of money and I know a lot of people have it worse.

It's just that I just read something about saving for retirement where it was suggested that you should have $50k saved for retirement by the time you are 30. Other guidelines say 1x your current salary by 35. That just seems impossible! I'm 28 now, and have been putting some money in my Roth IRA since I was 25, but not maxing it out, more like $2k every year. Now I feel like I'm going to be completely screwed or something.

It's also making me feeling really anxious about the money I've spent / will spend on things that aren't absolutely necessary. Like, this summer I'm going to spend a fair amount of money on circus training, because it's something I really want to do. And we just bought a bed from Ikea. So now I'm thinking all of that easily adds up to several thousand dollars that I could be investing in my retirement account instead. And then I think about how I ordered lunch yesterday instead of bringing it in and I should just sit at home spending money on nothing ever.

Ugh, freaking out!