So, growing up, we never had much money at all. I remember at an early age feeling stressed about asking my parents for things that I knew would cost money—school supplies, gifts, athletic equipment especially skiing stuff because that sh*t’s expensive. I started working young, and was always good at saving my money.

As an adult, I’ve managed to work up to some good-paying jobs. Then, last summer, I was fired from a good-paying job (which I’d moved across country for) because I wasn’t a “good fit with the corporate culture.” Since then, I’ve moved home and have a fun job I like with people who I really like, and have lots of interesting side jobs. I don’t make awesome money, but my living expenses are minimal.

Whenever I think about checking my account balance, though, I always have this panic in my stomach that there’s not going to be any money there. There’s no reasonable reason to think this, but just the thought of logging in to check my account balance causes a mild stress reaction in me. And then when I do, the balance is totally fine. I mean, there’s always money there. Just now, I had more money that I thought. But I hadn’t checked my account balance in a while because I was paranoid about what it was—for no reason at all.

I’ve always been really responsible with money—but I also still feel stress about it. Like, there’s never enough because someday there might not be any and then what?

Anyone else have stresses about money that aren’t necessarily linked to the realities of your financial position?