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I have tried 3 places, and still no money order.

So most of you know I’m currently in the middle of filing for bankruptcy. Part of the reason why now is because my wages were being garnished by a debtor. I found and hired a lawyer I like to handle my case, and not only should this debt be completely forgiven, but they will have to pay me back the money taken within the last 90 days.

But meanwhile, I had to pay my attorney his fees in order to file, and at the same time just deal with having 25% sucked up by this debtor. This has left me playing this super, super, delicate balancing act for the last two months.


Today, just by a tiny tiny hair, I have just enough to pay my rent. Only it’s split on two cards. Doesn’t matter, it’s the full amount and I will be paying on time! Well, not so fast...

My management company’s website will not accept partial payments, so I can’t split up my rent and pay 95% on one card and 5% on the other. It’s all or nothing. So I called the management office about what to do, and they told me the only other option is to get a money order.

So my first instict is to stop by the post office. But rush hour on a Friday, the post office is gonna be too busy and I might not get there on time, so I skip it. The next option is to go to a check cashing place near my apartment. Not the best option, but I’m determined to pay on time. Not only were they gonna charge me $13 dollars (wtf??!!!), my card wouldn’t go through. After a few minutes of clarification on why the hell it would cost $13 to get a money order when their sign says $0.99-$2.49, something about fees from them for withdrawing from my account and made up things about fees from my bank for the transaction blah blah bilking poor people out of money stuff, I leave.

There is just enough time to still make the post office! I end up behind a girl scrawling on two greeting cards who gets to the front and asks how to buy stamps. I watch the clock tick away as the clerk explains the stamp buying options, realize she needs to disappear into the back and get more, and I get antsy. Finally, I get to the front. Hooray, this will be easy and they won’t charge me an arm and a leg! But then my card doesn’t go through again, and there’s no reason for it not to. Curses! I wasn’t going to hold up the line, so I tell her I’ll see her tomorrow after I call the bank.


So I am feeling resigned while I call the bank. The customer service guy tells me there was a block put on my card since this counted as “unusual activity”, which is strange because I purchased a much higher money order before with no block issues. But he removes it and offers to stay on the line while my card is run again. But the post office has just closed, so I thank him and hang up.

On the way home I realize I am driving towards the grocery store. Eureka, they’ll give me a money order! I wait patiently at an empty counter until someone notices me an runs over. “I’d like a money order, please!” I say not trying to look as wrung out as I feel. He says, “absolutely” and starts typing until he notices me pull out my card and says, “... Oh, we only accept cash for money orders here.” I give him the same line I gave all of the other clerks, “thank you I will be back later”, even though I don’t mean it.


So here I am, money order less. After an hour of driving around in the sweat box I call a car. I’m going back to the post office tomorrow morning. But hey, at least my rent will be paid on time :)

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