REAL~ skip to imagined if you don’t want to read me whining :)

I keep a workshop in a small seaside town to do my work (duh!) It is not open to the public and I have been there for 7 years. It consists of an office type area attached to a garage with an overhead door and loading ramp. It was an absolute dump when i found it and it still pretty much is, but I don’t need it to be pretty. I installed a heating system in the garage at MY OWN EXPENSE because that portion became unusable from late October to April due to the cold. They said, “You took it in the condition it was in so we are not installing heat.” Luckily, I have family members in every trade and got the supah fambly discount. The heating system in the office is so ancient that the Gas Company man almost locked it down on a routine meter visit because the thermostat doesn’t work, but he had mercy on me if I promised to be careful. I am. I also complain about NOTHING to my landlords and I pay my rent on time. We have an easy understanding to not break what isn’t broken in terms of landlord/tenant relationships. I pay and you leave me the fuck alone. You get your money like clockwork, with no complaints and recognize I’m a good tennant. Or, so I thought.

I got a letter in the mail today from the landlords informing me that my rent is being increased by $150 per month as of June 1st. I pay $600 now, split between me and an artist who moved in to share the space 4 years ago. WTF, man? One months notice?


We were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. I spent 2 days getting everything table high off the floor. We were 2.5 feet above the flood plane to begin with, so that gave me about 5 ft of clearance. Nope. We had 4.5 feet of water inside the workshop along with the sludge, sand & garbage that comes with it. I lost everything that wasn’t on shelves above the waterline, which was not much. The only things I really mourned was 25 years of artwork I had made, most of it on paper. I had to throw everything away...thank god for my sisters. They really kept me from losing my shit and were so very kind in their emotional support & physical assistance in cleaning up the mess. We had many friends who lost their homes, and helped with the cleanups for days & days, and I felt guilty for feeling bad about my workshop.

Anyway, I chose to remain in that seaside town, in tnat same workshop. I am going to fight this increase SO HARD.


I bought a Mega~Millions quick pick today for $1.00. The jackpot is now at $61 million.


Putting aside helping my entire extended family & friend network, philanthropy for childrens, animal & environmental causes, which are a given for me & everyone here on GT, what would you do with a few million, for yourself & immediate loved ones, that is just so selfish and wonderful???

I would buy a low slung waterfront motel with free standing huts somewhere in the Carribean, Costa Rica or S.E. Asia, half of them for rent & half for free artist residencies for locals. I would live in one myself and make sure to pay a living wage (eta:and health care) to the staff. I would swim every morning & every evening and only rinse with fresh water, using soap & shampoo once a week. I’d eat fish everyday. I would draw something & dance with abandon every night.


ETA: The most important thing...I would cook family style meals for everyone, everyday.

What would you all do with your fantasy millions?