Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My husband periodically empties his wallet of all his change (including loonies and toonies) and gives it to me, since he doesn’t like standing at the cash register and counting out coins to the last 5 cents. He also hates using up tiny amounts on gift cards. I’m the complete opposite; I have no problem saying “Can you use the remaining 29 cents on this card, and then I’ll pay the rest with debit.” I’ve always thought it was because he’s never been in the situation where he HAD to count out the last few coins in his wallet, and doesn’t want to look like he has to, whereas I have no shame after decades of penny pinching. But I suppose it could just be habit as well, although I can’t imagine habit causing me to get rid of $20 worth of change.

So I’m putting it out here to see if anyone here falls on either end of this spectrum either, and if you have reasons for doing so that I haven’t thought of?


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