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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am terrible with finances. Let me be clear: I save as much as I can, and I do keep track of spending. But I have no clue how to plan for my future, or keep my shit together.

I blame my parents and their "never discuss money ever because it's rude" policy. I don't understand why they would act like I was a stranger or a child when I tried to get myself established and asked them questions. They have done well for themselves - clearly they knew what to do.


These are my financial stategies:

  • Hoard money in checking account. Pro: feel high self esteem when I check bank account. Cons: Not safe from me, not earning interest (does that even happen anymore), gets routinely wiped out by a thing I was saving *for*.
  • Stow cash in the house. Pro: I am too afraid to carry it all around. Con: I don't know how much is there.
  • Not have ever had a savings account. Pro: NONE Con: I'm 29 with steady income. Come on.

I also have shitty credit. I am rebuilding it with a car note on autopayment right now - but I maxed out some cards in my somewhat recent youth and fucked up my credit pretty bad. I am looking to get a credit card to start getting that back in order (I think I have to get one of those terrible ones you have to pay a deposit on).


  1. What is your bank account structure with your spouse? No judgments - I just want to know how you feel about it. I am contemplating we keep our individual checking, have a joint checking, and each have individual savings and make a joint saving. That seems like so many bank accounts. Does that seem reasonable? He told me we'll do whatever I say because while he is slightly better with money, he grew up in poverty and doesn't know WTF to do either.
  2. In the event one of us turns into a monster and we get divorced (or maybe it would be amicable and PERFECT), does having one's own account protect those as YOUR assets? Should we get a prenup even though neither of us own practically anything?
  3. Will my shitty credit taint his good credit, if we get a joint credit card or bank account or anything (granted we don't fuck up)?
  4. Any recommendations on a good credit card for rebuilding credit? I know I might have to go with a Secured card but I would just love it if someone had a recommendation with a company they like. Capital One seems to be a good option but they are my bank, also, and I have been very displeased with them as a bank.

Coming soon: WTF kind of retirement account does a person without That Kind of Job use?

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