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So I was hoping for some advice from GT parents/teachers. My 2 year old son is currently in daycare/pre-school. He is doing well, he can count to 20, pretty much knows his alphabet, and I am continually told he is very well behaved minus a few bad days. We like his teachers a lot, many of them are the same as when I went there 20+ years ago.

A week ago, we went to a booth for a new, local Montessori school. I really liked the teachers we met and honestly I have always liked the idea of Montessori school, but the only other one here was significantly out of our budget.

So now we have a tour and I was wondering if you guys had any advice/questions we should definitely ask. If we decide to go this route, it would be until kindergarten and then he would go to the local public school (a class size difference of 4-5 kids to 30 kids)


Am I silly for wanting to move my kid out of a good daycare?

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