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Moodswings, or How I Question Everything I Do

Anyone else suffer from perfectionism? Even though I have strong evidence that I am doing awesomely at life right now, I question every damn thing I do. It's so hard to embrace what I'm doing right, when I see is all the stuff I'm doing "wrong." Even when I learn from it and say "ok...well...that's a lesson. I'll change _____ next time," I still get anxious about every "wrong" thing I do. I'm SUPER tired of it.

For example, today I read this article about how the brain creates personality, took the quiz, saw my results, and then proceeded to be really hard on myself for not being the type I want to be. I mean, for fuck's sake...I'M WORKING ON IT, SELF! GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK, OK????

(I'm sorry self. I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm just frustrated with our bouts of fear and self-doubt.)


Am I ever going to get to a point where I stop doubting myself at every turn? Because it's really exhausting. I really need a hug, a cuddle and a funny movie right about now.

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