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Moody me and my undone face (TW body image and inane)

I'm having a particularly moody day.

I wish I could be one of those moms who somehow found the time to do hair and makeup in the morning. I wish I could get out of bed earlier. I get out of bed at 6:20ish, get my toddler dressed and get myself dressed and then try to get out the door by 6:45-7:00. I'm so freaking tired, I go to bed early but still can't get up earlier. I feel like such a lazycat.

I don't like putting much on my face because then it means I have to wash it and my skin doesn't react well to repeated touching and washing...but as I've gotten older the apples in my rosacea cheeks are gone. They're just sort of spotty. My skin isn't 'luminous' anymore, it's just pale. My under eye circles have become more and more prominent on my face. What was mostly cute 5-8 years ago on a crunchy chick just looks sloppy or lazy now. I wish I didn't feel so puffy and plain.


Maybe I should just take a 5 min break at work in the morning to do my face in the bathroom here? I don't know.

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