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Moonsun Happy Symphonic Metal? I Say Just Fantastic

I always loved this singer Susanne Scherer of the semipro group Moonsun and they release their own music and covers. A commenter called them Happy Metal it sort of fits, she tends to sing upbeat. Her Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose cover is oddly sounds like a joyful song. The original though not downbeat is nowhere near a joyful song. Yet her Don’t Lie To Me which a person commented and labeled it as Happy Metal doesn’t really sound like a happy song.Happy Metal or not her music makes me happy.

As a symphonic singer she seems to be more in Tarja’s sphere with her Classical Opera training showing up a lot. Her Nightwish covers are good her non Nightwish covers are better, though Everdream cover is fantastic. Minniva covers Nightwish slightly better. You need to YouTube Minniva and her version of Ghost Love Score as good of a cover as you can get and she is also from Finland like Nightwish.


Is it my imagination but does symphonic metal attract the best singers?

Bonus by Toumas Holopainen he writes the Nightwish songs he wrote this unique very gentle song almost a lullaby, but not for infants called Lifetime of Adventure. Moonsun covered it. It has a very slow tempo. The original singer actually sings it slightly slower.

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