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My human person and I are staying in IL for Thanksgiving to save money so we can give our families a bangin' Christmas. I had planned on making us a cute little dinner, and then we were gonna go do some skids since everything will mostly be closed tomorrow.

BUT. Human person's sperm donor out of the blue decided he wants to give us money to go out and have a fancy dinner at the Capital Grille.

I would love to go have an $80 steak that's being payed for by this usually, vile creature. I want human person to be happy that his dad actually did something for him. The thing is, I'm going to feel awful about the people that have to work and serve me my $80 steak tomorrow when they should be with their families. I should be with my own family, and I'm started to feel really devastated that I won't be. If we go, I plan on leaving a fat tip, but I just don't feel like that makes up for it.


So what do you guys think?

ETA: My Thanksgiving family photo from last year <3

ETA #2: Thank you all! We're going! It's going to be amazeballs.

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