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Moral Dilemma - UPDATE


SOLUTION: Go to meetup. Have fun. Date rescheduled for 7:30-8ish. If meetup is too good to leave, tell date I have to reschedule. (Because even though there are some question marks about him, he does seem cool enough and has good taste in music!)

Dear Groupthink,

I apologize for posting again so soon, but I have a deep moral dilemma I need your help with. I only just noticed that there’s a DC meetup tonight! In my work neighborhood! This could be my opportunity to finallyfinally meet you lovely people after 6+ long years of lurking and occasional bouts of frequent posting!

However. I also have a first date tonight, with a potentially cute intersectional feminist from OkCupid. I should be excited, but...something seems just a little tiny bit off? Maybe it’s that he seems a little too eager, maybe it’s that he brought up sex-related questions a little soon for my comfort (although immediately backed off when I said so), maybe it’s that he likes sports and video games and uses a lot of smileys in texts which isn’t my usual type so I’m nervous we’ll have nothing to talk about.

So basically I always talk myself out of going on first dates, so right now I really just want to go to the meetup, but I know I need to honor my commitments and go on this date. ARGH.


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