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Moral Dilemma - help!

So... my firm hired a new person who has been a paralegal for 6 years and recently went to law school and took the bar exam in July 2016. Two weeks ago she found out that she failed the bar exam. She told me another co-worker who then told me, because offices are horrible gossip cesspools.

She still has not told our boss. She was hired at a very high salary (actually more than me but that’s a whole other issue...) but it was made very clear to her that this continued salary was contingent upon her passing the bar and if she did not, she would remain at the firm and be allowed to re-take the exam but her salary would decrease by a relatively small amount because she would be a paralegal.


Today I was in a meeting with my boss about an upcoming conference and I was asking who was coming to the conference and if new girl was coming. My boss commented to me that he knew the bar results had come out and he was disappointed that she had not talked with him for two weeks. He then told me he was likely going to let her go and had another candidate in mind already. I didn’t say that I knew that she didn’t pass...I just tried to change the subject.

So...should I tell her that she should come clean and try to save her job?? She is nice and I’m sure she is just embarrassed and is dreading having the talk. On the other hand, she knows that she was required to inform my boss about her results so that they could work out a “re-take” plan for February 2016 and adjust her salary.

What would ya do :/ ?

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