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Moral quandry Pete Rose

Yes he gambled on MLB games and that’s a unforgivable sin in sports if you part of like player, couch, manager, work in office. I get it, the temptation will always be there to manipulate an outcome of yoeur team winning, losing or not scoring enough or letting the defense be compromised.

I get it. It should, nay must be an unforgivable sin. In 1989 I was all for his lifetime ban.


Yet, yes a yet better then a but, its 2015 26 years has passed. During that time the MLB have had many athletes not just cheat playing but cheating history. Steroids has totally played havoc not just to the game but history. Between 1998 and 2001 Roger Maris single season home runs of 61 in 1961 was broken 6 times by three people. Not once since. Barry Bonds shattered it with 73 although 3 broke 70.

Stealimg from history is an abomination in some ways what Bonds, McGwire and Sosa did by using steroids. Anabolic steroiss.


They were never banished from baseball.

Yet just because these three and others got away with it, at least compares to Rose, should that be an excuse to reinstate Rose. That would be two wrongs do not make a right.


Yet as a child I remember watching Rose play (on tv) and cheeeing for him to break the record for hitting in every game in a row. For hitting and scrambling to other bases I saw these divided by two different men, Wade Boggs on hitting and Ricky Henderson for scrambling. Rose was the entire package.

He is 74 if he is reinstated realistically no one will hire him for anything remotely important. His age does not help but there is 26 years of younger and fresher experience to hire from. He is a generation removed from the game. Reinstatement gives Rose nothing job wise. It would be a victory in name only.


Give Rose reinstatement but ban him from.Hall of Fame while he is alive!though.


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