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More Annoyance for the Holiday

So Mr. Ivriniel's family is having Christmas this Saturday. As per usual, my Annoying Inlaws are turning everything to drama.

My Other Sister-in-Law often ends up hosting and providing the main dish. When she asks what people want to bring, the Annoying Inlaws swoop in and announce that they are bringing either the bread or the salad. This usually results in them bringing items that have been reduced for quick sale, either stale buns or wilted salad. Mr. Ivriniel and I usually bring a hot side and some booze.

My Other Sister-in-Law is getting weary of the Annoying In Laws minimal contributions, and this year, proposed doing things pot luck style, asking everyone to bring a hot casserole. She wound up the email asking everyone to email and say what they were bringing. ASiL immediately responded that she was working that day, (4 hours) so she would bring salad.


The thing of it is, ABiL is not working that day and is quite capable of cooking something.

My MiL responded to the email saying that the plan was for everyone to bring a casserole, and if the Annoying-in-Laws were unable to make anything that day, if they put together a casserole the day before she'd be happy to finish baking it on Sat.

Well apparently, this caused ASiL to hit the roof. ABiL called OSiL, and told her that his wife was horribly offended by MiL's email, asking OSiL to apologize to ASiL and smooth things over.

OSiL told him that salad was a start, but that they would need to, at the very least, pick up a frozen lasagna or something that he could get ready before they came over. ABiL responded that he had a toddler at home and couldn't possibly cook and watch her at the same time.


OSiL pointed out that she has two kids. ABiL countered that when her kids were little she had a "live in nanny" because MiL lived with them. OSiL got quite pissed at that and reminded ABiL that when their Mom lived with her, my MiL worked nightshift, and slept during the day.

He called again the next day, again pleading that he be allowed to bring a salad as his wife was still furious. So far, OSiL is holding firm, but it sounds like Sat is going to be a load of fun...

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