So back in Dec. my ABiL, escaped being fired by the skin of his teeth. Basically, if his original supervisor hadn't agreed to take him back, he would have been out the door. Instead of being grateful he was still employed, he viewed going back to the job he started with at the hospital (he's an RPN) as "ass-wipe duty" and claimed the reasons behind his near firing were "horseshit".

Then last week, the boom got lowered, and he was fired. We don't know the details, but whatever he did must have been substantial, because according to him his Union Rep didn't raise any objections during the meeting. Since graduating from his RPN program 2 years ago, he has gone through 6 jobs and has been fired from 4 of them.

And then last night he emailed out an ultrasound pic. My ASiL is pregnant. facepalm. We don't know exactly how far along they are, but we do know that pregnancy came after he was nearly fired in Dec., because the same week that happened, she had a miscarriage. (I figure that she must be around eight weeks, and they gave her an early ultrasound because of her previous miscarriage.)

They live in a 2 bedroom townhouse and already have an extremely active 23 month old daughter. They had planned to sell their place and relocate come spring. Clearly that plan is out the window. Their place would be adequate at least for the next year or so, except they are a pair of hoarders. A friend was over there recently and she could barely get in the front door. Things would be worse, only they have more of their stuff stored in the basements of two other houses (and have been bugging a third couple to let them store stuff.). My ASiL wanted to move before their first kid was born. I can't imagine how they are going to manage in that space now, without some sort of intervention on their hoarding habits.

My ASiL is a part-time cashier. she doesn't work a lot of hours as it stands now, and if this pregnancy is like her last, she's not going to have the energy to pick up more hours while he job hunts. (She's low-energy at the best of times.)

So the whole thing is a bit of a clusterf*ck.