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The UPS guy is starting to give me odd looks! I got 2 huge, heavy boxes today, and 2 small ones. In these boxes were 2 4 packs of gf bread mix (yay for sandwiches again!), 1 4 pack of gf rolled oats (useful for so many things!), 1 three-way lightbulb, a bottle of pure vanilla flavouring (yay cuz I ran out a couple days ago!), 2 packs of 60 watt lightbulbs (perfect timing, since my over-the-sink kitchen light blew out not 30 minutes ago!), and 2 bags of buckwheat flour.

I am just so overwhelmed, you guys. I can't believe the amazing generosity and general outpourings of goodwill. I got all teary holding a pack of lightbulbs! I can never, ever thank you guys enough for what you've all done for me and my family.


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