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More Beyoncé. I'm Sorry. [And Also, "Povertenza"]

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I promised myself I wouldn't posted anything else about Beyoncé on GT until I finished my essay on her album but I found a blog post a second ago that I could not help but share.


Apparently (white*) rapper Kitty Pryde live blogged her listening of BEYONCÉ for Vice and said some... things. None of them seem egregious enough that I'm upset or anything. I'm mostly just hilariously amused and I thought you guys would be too. The piece is called "Eat The Cake, Anime: On White Cluelessness (and Beyoncé)" so you already know where this is going.

My favourite part was:

You hear a bass-heavy beat in 2013 and the first person that pops into your white mind. is. Miley. Motherfucking. Cyrus. This tells me everything I need to know about you, your family, your point of view, your music, your breath, and the color of your gums. In a word: HELLTHEFUCKNO.



Anyway, read the whole thing. It's funny and edumacational.

ETA: Also read this equally funny post in convenient blackness.

*I promise this is relevant.

UPDATE: I also found this piece about "Povertenza" that I thought you guys might like. It's... just read it.

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