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More bullcrap about my house

I took the week off to work on the house. Today’s item was redoing Bralock’s closet. I was hoping to remove the old hardware, patch, and get the first coat of paint on before she got home from work. Oh, silly me.

The shelves were actually fairly well secured to the wall.

After removing the shelves I noticed they had painted over wallpaper. That’s a choice, but wallpaper stripper isn’t expensive. Then, as I am removing the baseboard, my pry bar punched through the drywall next to a stud. Oops, I missed, but my pry bar shouldn’t have gone through that easily... Important note about this closet: it shares a wall with the shower.

Mold mold mold moldy mold.

After the briefest of exploration I discover that, no, of course not, there isn’t a vapor barrier between the shower’s wall and the wall of the closet. There is mold. This is now a significantly larger issue. I get to the casement molding on the inside of the closet door, and that is when I discover...

Maybe I’ll find buried treasure in the walls.

The door casement reveal, as in the actual doorway, isn’t attached to the framing in any way. The door is “secured” in the wall by sandwiching the drywall with the casement molding.


I am about to go spend $400 dollars at Home Depot. When I’m finished the closet will have a vapor barrier and mold resistant drywall, so there’s that.

Why did I want to own my own home again?

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