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More Buster pics!

I'm doing the ultra-proud first-time mother thing, so here are a few more shots of my darling new boy (sleeping, because he's been so bouncy and happy when he's awake it's hard to get pictures!).


He's been an absolute dream since I brought him home. He's very quiet—I still haven't heard him bark!—but he's just been so excited and happy not to be at the pound or out on the street anymore. He bounces up and down, and his tail wags furiously, and it's so cute I'm at a loss for words.

He's pretty clearly had some training in his past—he's very familiar with and responsive to "no," and he wouldn't jump on the furniture until I specifically invited him—but I'm guessing there was also some abuse or he had a very bad experience on the street, because he freaks out easily about things coming at his head. For the first 24 hours or so I had to talk to him quietly and let him sniff my hand before petting his head or scratching behind his ears (he likes both when I'm doing them, but my hand coming towards his head made him flinch away), and I still have to pet him and talk to him and let him sniff the leash for a bit before clipping it onto his collar, no matter how bouncy and excited he is to go out (and he always wants to go out. It's very cute—every time I stand up he's like, "Hey, you moved! I have an idea—we could go for a walk!" *bounce bounce bounce*)

Today is the first day I'm leaving him alone (well, peopleless, anyway; my two kitties are home), but he's been so good and generally chill about everything else that I'm fairly confident he's handling it well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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