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Welcome To The Bitchery

After conferring with Buster’s vet, I’ve come to the decision that I need to board him for at least a few weeks so he can get proper bed rest.

I’ve been keeping him in his crate except for meals and walks, but even on the sedative he’s so excited when I let him out that it’s really hard to keep him from jumping and running, let alone pick him up, without twisting him and possibly doing more damage. And I’m afraid I’m doing more harm than good by carrying him up and down the stairs, because he hates to be picked up and he tries to jump and twist away and I’m terrified he’s going to wrench something.

Walking is also a problem — I’m supposed to be carrying him to a spot to go potty, setting him down so he can go, and then carrying him back. But Buster not only refuses to poop anywhere in my apartment complex; he refuses to poop anywhere on our block. I’ve been trying to do very slow, careful walks, but he’s so excited he’s having trouble not pulling on the leash. And then this morning some asshole in the complex had his chihuahua off the leash, and he promptly charged, so Buster started lunging and jumping at him and it was a complete nightmare. The chihuahua’s owner clearly thought I was nuts because I was nearly in tears.


So. Boarding. Thank the good lord, the pups’ old daycare owner does bed rest boarding, and actually just finished taking care of post-IVDD-surgery daschund for 6 weeks. It’s not cheap, and it’s 35 miles away, so I won’t be able to visit him except on weekends, which breaks my heart. But Buster loves the owner and he’s very comfortable in her home, so it’s far superior to putting him in a strange place where he’d be confused and scared.

I can’t take him up until Saturday morning, so I’m just going to have to be even more ridiculous careful for the next few days. My heart hurts just looking at him and thinking of my house without him, but this is what he needs.

(Apologies if this is confusing and typo-ridden — I’m exhausted. At least I’ll be able to sleep in my bed again while Buster is being boarded.)

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