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So Mr. I just got off the phone with his brother, here after referred to as Annoying Brother-in-Law (ABiL).

So apparently in the past week since we have seen ABiL, his 15 month old daughter has done the following in separate incidents:

1) Got ahold of Mommy's glasses while Mommy was napping, popped out the lenses, and tore the frames.


2) Threw Mommy's cellphone in a glass of water.

3) Fingerpainted the walls and carpet with chocolate pudding.

I'm left wondering how well supervised this child is? If my ASiL needs to nap, then the toddler needs to go in her crib, or somewhere else where she can't destroy things. And they live in a tiny townhouse. I don't quite understand how she could have been left alone long enough to get chocolate pudding everywhere.

I know that despite the best efforts of parents, kids can get into stuff. (I was rather imfamous for it). It's more than just the getting into stuff that worries me. Back when the baby was born, my ASiL told my NSiL that it was just impossible to babyproof their house, so they would "just have to do it the old-fashioned way and watch her really closely." (My ASiL also thought they would be moving before the baby was walking, so didn't want to put in the effort in that house.)

Well, evidently, they are not even doing that. When we saw them last week, we were also told about how the baby had managed to open the screendoor while Mommy was out in the garden, and fell out of the house onto the stairs, and how the baby gets her hands on Mommy's coffee every day, and spills it.


The way this couple tells it, their kid is into everything, and they are not learning from their mistakes. I worry that the baby is going to be seriously hurt. They have 15-20 boardgames in their living room, stowed under the coffee table, and the futon/couch. If they are leaving her alone long enough to fingerpaint the walls and carpet with chocolate pudding, then that also seems like enough time for her to open the Risk box or something and start swallowing pieces.

I don't know what to do here. I'm not particularly close to them, and neither of them are the type to take advice from anyone (case in point when the cellphone ended up in the glass of water, ABiL told ASiL to put it in a bag of rice, and she just blew him off, saying it was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard).

A mutual friend who is a Daycare Worker with infants, and sometmes babysits for them is also concerned. I don't know if she knows about the latest incidents, but I'm thinking of talking to her. Unlike Mr. I's family, this friend is actually allowed to be alone with the baby (ASiL will only let us see the baby if she or her husband are present) and maybe if she is strategic enough with her comments, they might take it from her?

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