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More controversy form Ferguson, online relationships, harassment, and more

A party of two, but never alone.

What ever happened to pantsuits?


'Lets Be Cops', cop movies, and ferguson.

What happened after cops were forced to wear cameras? A crazy (88%) drop in complaints, among other things.

Ferguson cops lied to juries after they arrested the wrong man, and charged him assault/property damage FOR GETTING HIS BLOOD ON THEIR UNIFORMS AFTER THEY BEAT HIM.


Since Emma C. is leaving Hairpin for Jezebel, they have a new editor.


5 Signs You're Dating a Reddit Troll (gets trolled in teh comments). Aziz Ansari is asking reddit about dating and looking users up before/during relationships.

Shark Week abandons facts for ratings.


More on women getting harassed online.


How XBox is changing it's dudebro image.


"throw shade", "adorbs", "clickbait", "listicle", and "sideboob" added to the OED.

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