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Welcome To The Bitchery

The holidays are coming up, and we’ve discussed recipes - but what’s your favorite cookware or dishware? Do you have pretty Le Creuset (/knock-off brands) that you cook and serve in, transfer to crystal bowls, grab whatever’s available? Breakout the fancy china you inherited from your grandmother, have understatedly elegant yet natural looking ceramics (my dream), use paper plates?

This can be for reality and dreams!

My dream cookware and dishware is basically everything showcased on Food52's shop - which is definitely exorbitantly overpriced. This is what I have in my dream kitchen! Along with plenty of natural light and fresh cut wildflowers, even in winter, yes please. ($72 for a set of four cereal bowls. In what world?!) I also lust after Le Creuset and all things copper.


My extended family has amassed some fancy china, linens, and silver over the generations, so at holidays we try to bring what we can and use the fancy stuff that never sees the light of day otherwise. It’s really fun to try to match things together and make things as pretty as possible and delight in the old formality of so many of these objects!

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